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Blaze of Glory
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Too Many Counselors
Everything is Spiritual
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Coming Out
Welcome to Tom Windham Productions:


Tom is an artist, a poet, a dreamer, a bit of a nut, and the man who has my heart.  Together, we are beginning a new chapter. This website is part of that. I want you to see his work and fall in love with his talent as I have. Enjoy!  Love, Nina




Art in the Community

A Walk Across Texas
These are two of a series of 10 murals painted in the Library at Memorial Parkway Elementary in Katy, Texas. 
Sunday Moments
Hanging in The First Presbyterian Church
Orange, Texas
The Good Shepherd
Hanging in The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Bridge City, Texas


Downtown Tucumcari, NM

           Downtown Jasper, Tx

                    New Knoxville, OH

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Phone:      (281)409-6002
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